Apply for Training on Technology Demonstration Projects!

Students, researchers and manufacturing practitioners from a technological SME interested in green technologies and technology demos are invited to participate and become a part of Demo4Green.

Registration process for the Training on Technology Demonstration projects open!

The training will take place between 6th and 17th of June on learning platform aiming to support Europe’s manufacturing industry to upskill and reskill its current and future workforce by providing individuals easy access to a personalized learning experience.

The program covers all the steps needed to implement demonstrators of novel technologies in Teaching and Learning Factory (TLF)[i].

Training module includes the following parts:

  • How to describe a demo in a way that is more aligned with sustainability, circular economy and digitalisation, in a more industry attractive way
  • Present methodology for the demo implementation roadmap


Applications are accepted until 15/06/2022 via



[i] Teaching factories: “two-way street”, where from the factory, practitioners teach students and from the classroom, students and faculty teach practitioners. This two-way street is realized via internet and is a continuous process over a lengthier period of time, with regular sessions and continuous interaction between the factory and the classroom. Teaching Factory paradigms can empower SMEs by introducing them to new technologies and research approaches of Industry 4.0 environments  [Mavrikios  et al. 2013]

Learning Factory: concept whereby in the facilities of the university equipment that resembles manufacturing facilities is installed and people from both academia and industry can participate in specified courses that have as a purpose to acquire manufacturing concepts, trends and knowledge in the academic environment. [Chryssolouris et al. 2008] The use of Learning Factories has been increased, particularly in Europe [Chryssolouris et al. 2008],[Antoniou et al. 2016]

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